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Welcome to HD PloyPlast

HD Poliplast is an ISO certified company specializing in the manufacturing of masterbatches for more than 10+ years. The company has invested in adopting the latest manufacturing processes & in Research and Development. This has paid off as a long-term strategy where today. HD Polyplast is considered the benchmark of quality and the harbinger of new technical know-how.

We have established a relationship of trust with our customers, with a vast range of quality products, outshining other brands in color consistency with zero variation. We introduce innovative products and solutions from time to time which greatly benefit the Plastics Industry!


Color Masterbatch

We have a huge range of "color masterbatch", with our color database comprising over 5000 colors. We employ state of the art equipment to develop polymer specific masterbatches, leading to a very precise colour match of our product with your required color.

COLOR CONSISTENCY - a true reflection of colorplas Quality!

REWRITING THE INDUSTRY STANDARDS with an amazing color consistency!

COLORPLAS FILLERS.... fulfilling customer requirements!

GOING STRONG with a huge manufacturing capacity!

More About Color Masterbatch

Moreover, masterbatch of any specific color or characteristics can always be custom produced to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to refer to PANTONE and RAL shade cards for your colour requirements.


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